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MLK Jr. Day

City Hall and Municipal Court will be closed in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18, 2021. Rubbish, yard waste and recycling will remain on their normal schedule all week.

Boards and Committee Minutes
You can review past meeting minutes for the following boards and committees: City Council, Retirement Boards for the General Employees Retirement System (GRS) / Public Safety Retirement System (PSRS), Parks & Harbor Committee, and the Communication Committee.

The City Controller oversees the creation and implementation of the Budget and Audit.  It is reviewed by the Budget/ Audit Committee.  Once the City Council approves the budget and accepts the audit, they are made public online or hard copies can be made upon request.

Governor Snyder mandates that each municipality eligible for the Economic Vitality Incentive Program have an annual Dashboard completed and published online for the residents to see. By creating this document and publishing it, the City is transparent with information and receives money from the State previously called "Statutory State Shared Revenue."  Click here for historical data.

Property & Tax Information
Property Ownership and Tax Information is Public Record.  Look up property information under the Assessor's page. Click here to seach this information.

Utility Information
The City of Grosse Pointe Farms provides drinking water to its residents.  The usage information is public record and can be found at Water Billing.