Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation

Since its inception, the Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation has raised over 2 million dollars. This is a testament to the generosity of the Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation members. The more residents that become members, the larger impact the foundation can make towards making Grosse Pointe Farms a truly amazing place to live.
2016 - Kerby Field Pavillion
2015 - Pier Park Pool Shade Umbrellas and Fire Pit
2014 - Water Works Lighting
2013- Farms Dog Park at Mack & Moross
2012- Restoration of Façade at Newberry House –SOC
2011- New Façade of Pier Park Booster Station
2009- Kerby Playscape
2007- Ice-Skating Rink and Non-Aquatic Athletic Project
2006- Grosse Pointe Farms Water Campus
2004 - Pier Park Community Building
2002 - Children’s Splash Pad at Pier Park
2000 - Ornamental Street Sign Program
1998 - Gazebo and Landscaping at Pier Park
1997 - Renovation and Reforestation at Pier Park
1996 - Renovation of Bath House at Pier Park
1995 - Enhancement of Brick Sidewalks on The Hill
1993 - Lake Shore Road Adopt-An-Island Project
1991 - Renovation of Joy Bells Park - Moross Road
1990 - Renovation of Old Gate House at Pier Park
1989 - Beautification of The Hill Municipal Parking Lot
1988 - Welcome Signs to Grosse Pointe Farms
1986 - New Pier Park Entrance and Gate House
1984 - Richard Place - Kercheval on The Hill


Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation Board of Trustees
Jeffrey Huebner
Jeff Adams
Ed Wujek, II
Nathan M. Steiner
Nominating Chair
David S. Balle, M.D.
Daniel Hughes
Bridget Christian
Paul H. Huth
Jeffrey Brayton
George G. Jerome, Sr.
Shana Sine Cameron
Rob MacKethan, IV
Joseph J. Curtis Jr.
Ryan Pelerin
Andrew Casazza
Michael Ottaway
John Conway
Edward J. Russell
Nancy Cotton
Donna Stoner
Shawn Coyle
Niki Johnson 
Chris Damman
Katherine Horst 
Douglas P. Dossin
Tom Youngblood
Ed Gotfredson 
Mark Higbie
Louis Theros
Shane L. Reeside
City Manager
Kathleen Squillace
Foundation Secretary
Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation
90 Kerby Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Serving Grosse Pointe Farms for over 30 years