Fall Curbside Leaf Collection

The main objective of the Loose-Leaf Collection Program is to increase the level of service to the residents while protecting the local infrastructure and environment. The start date of the curbside loose leaf collection is October 9, 2017. Do not put any materials in the street before the curbside leaf collection season has begun.
Please follow these important guidelines:
1) Do not place leafs in the street until 5pm the day of your scheduled rubbish collection day. Leaves are collected the day after your scheduled rubbish collection day. Place them between the curb and the sidewalk until that time, then place them in the street.
2) Do not park on the street on your rubbish collection day. This prevents the collection of your leaf pile and can pose a fire hazard to your vehicle.
3) Seperate your brush pile and your leaf pile. 
If you are a new resident or unfamiliar with the City's leaf collection process please watch the video below. A full explanation of the leaf collection process and rules is avaliable here.